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We’ve helped our clients by installing many gas lines recently. After the 2021 freeze and the problems with power and utilities, several of our clients had the desire to install natural gas generators as back ups for their homes.[dsm_card...

PEX Piping

PEX Piping

During the 2021 Freeze, we learned that clients that had PVC or Copper Piping were the ones that had significant problems and needed repairs or repipes. There were no issues with PEX piping. If you’re in need of a repipe, we’d be happy to come out and give you an...

2021 Freeze

2021 Freeze

The February freeze was truly hard on everyone. Our technicians worked long days and even weekends to help our clients. There were hundreds of frozen pipes within our community that needed to be repaired. Our technicians worked until everyone of our customers had...

Client Testimonials

At 8pm on a Friday, my water socket outside was accidentally broken, and I called so many plumbing places claiming to be 24 hour service. I called Lamont plumbing, and within 5 minutes, Royce called me. He made it to my house within 15 minutes and repaired the damage. He was courteous and friendly. The price was very affordable. I will use Lamont plumbing from now on.

Lisa Skinner

Fast service and reasonable cost. Good job!

Ronald Mcculley

Called after the bad freeze,they came in ready to do repair, did not mind my looking over shoulder, will call again when have need

Cecil McGill

The Lamont team always comes through when we need them. Helpful explanations of what’s going on and they don’t try to rip you off by making you do services you don’t really need.

Phillip Ward

I woke up Sunday morning during this artic storm with frozen pipes. Being a new homeowner and not a cold weather person, I called around to see the advice of local plumbers. I left a message with this company and a nice guy called me back. He explained that there wasn't really anything he could do until the pipes thawed out, but he did give me some advice and listened and answered my questions.
Flash forward to Wednesday: I get a call and when I answered it was the nice guy I spoke with on Sunday (I wish I could remember his name) and he wanted to see if I'd like him to come look at my pipes. I got lucky enough to tell him that we were able to get the pipes thawed out and I hadn't seen any leaks so far. He was very happy and you could hear the relief in his voice that my situation turned out well.
Because of his professional and prompt first call on Sunday and a very surprising, but welcome follow up call on Wednesday if I ever have any plumbing needs I will for sure call them!

Sydney Prince

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